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2017 Interior Design Trends to embrace

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Happy New Year from all the Nordica team, we hope you had a great Christmas and January is treating you well. For our first post of the year we wanted to look at a number of strong trends for this year and how you can apply them to your Costa del Sol property to make buyers go wild!

Going Green

Bright green has been named at the 2017 Pantone Colour of the Year and is expected to be seen across interior design and fashion this year. This is a fresh and zingy colour, but difficult to apply across a property, so we’d suggest you just use it to brighten up areas by adding touches to surrounds and skirting, or to lift an outdoor space. It works well to tie in interior and exterior spaces, so would be nice on a window sill or frame leading out to the garden. If that’s a bit much, then how about using it for scatter cushions, picture frames or outdoor upholstery? It works very well outside to complement other greens, or bring some colour to a white courtyard space.


A butterfly motif is a great way to inject some fun and colour into a space and works very well in the often sterile interiors of properties on the Costa del Sol. Butterfly wall stickers can give a lift to a bedroom, or a canvas print with butterflies can work well in a living room. Christian Lacroix has also made an amazing turquoise wallpaper for those with deeper pockets. Beware of overdoing this trend though and making your property seem gimmicky, less is more with this one to avoid scaring off potential buyers.

Mixed Patterns

New York Fashion Week featured this trend strongly last autumn and where those fashionistas lead the interior design world follows. Expect to see lots of mismatched patterns coming out for the spring, particularly in soft furnishings. These colourful pieces can inject vibrant tones into an otherwise plain room, without much investment. But just makes sure they are drawing the eye to the best areas of your property and use sparingly.

Comfort & Texture

After years of austerity and minimalism people are yearning for comfort and soft, luxurious fabrics that beg to be touched. This is being seen in items such as velvet sofas and upholstery. These items can be pricy, but don’t worry, this is an easy trend to apply on a budget and one which buyers will really connect with, especially in the colder months of the year. Make a leather sofa comfy with a knitted blanket draped over the back, apply velvet to scatter cushions and use faux fur bedspreads and throws in the bedroom to give the sense of homeliness. Comfortable and tactile materials like these give a great “feeling” and encourage buyers to sit on the sofa or bed and start connecting properly with the property.


A really nice colour trend for Costa del Sol properties is the use of navy blue rather than black, as it works better with the whites that are commonplace here and also gives buyers the sense of the sea. Playing with a palette of white, navy and light blue is a lovely way to evoke beach house cool and make your property stand out from the crowd.

Space Saving Ideas

Buyers always look for space – or the feeling of space anyway, and this year’s trend for “fold-up” space saving items can make a huge difference if your property is on the small side. Look out for lots of fold up items, from stools and tables to kitchens this year.

Another great idea is to get dual-purpose furniture, such as a bunk bed which can convert into a desk with bed above, so that smaller rooms are clearly functional and the size doesn’t appear to be such an issue. We always advise sellers to remove large furniture which gives the appearance of clutter and dominates a room. We will change it with smaller than normal furniture which changes the dimensions in the minds’ eye.

These are just a small sample of trends from Elle Décor’s 10 Home Trends for 2017, check out the full article for more inspiration. If you are still struggling, call in the experts! Our professional home stylists can look at your property with a fresh eye, see why buyers are being put off and direct our energy into the areas of property we know will sell, or are currently stopping a sale. We have had amazing results throughout 2016 and know we can help you to sell more quickly and at a better price. Contact us and call us in for a free home styling consultation.