Bedroom design tips for a peaceful nights sleep

Bedroom design tips for a peaceful night’s sleep

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When we style a property, it needs to look great and also be designed to make potential buyers feel fabulous and create a place where they can imagine having a wonderful holiday or new life. In the bedrooms, this means creating a restful, tranquil retreat, where they could imagine escaping and having a peaceful night’s sleep. There are various ways in which you can do this; using colours, changing the layout to improve the flow of the room and decluttering to give you space to relax and unwind.

We were interested in an article from Tuck Sleep, an organisation devoted to improving sleep hygiene, health and wellness, with suggestions on creating the best environment for sleep and wanted to share them with you here. As well as advising on the bed and mattress, they also look at the influence that the whole room has on how you sleep in their extensive guide to the best sleep.

There were three aspects that really caught our eye, as they are very applicable to home styling –

  1. Colours

One of the easiest things to change in a room is the colour and Tuck Sleep say that the colour really makes a difference to how you sleep, as it influences your mood. There are a few great colours for bedrooms including light pastels. The best option is light blue as it promotes calmness and has even been shown to reduce blood pressure and heart rate.

  1. Scents

We regularly use scented candles in the properties that we style to give a lovely fragrance when buyers come in. Tuck Sleep recommend using candles featuring lavender oil, or scattering lavender oil on bedding, or soft furnishings, as it can lower blood pressure, heart rate and skin temperature, all things which are conducive to promoting sleep.

  1. Lighting

If you’ve read our blog on the importance of lighting you will know that we always focus on the lights in a property, as too little makes it feel dark and cold, too much makes it feel sterile and not inviting. Many people don’t consider lighting in the bedroom as much as in areas such as the living room, but it still matters, both for impressing during a viewing and ensuring a lovely environment for sleep. Tuck Sleep recommend using lampshades to soften light in the bedroom and dimmers to be able to control the level of light and decrease it closer to bedtime. They also recommend using blackout blinds or shutters to make the room as dark as possible during the night, so you aren’t disturbed. Don’t have TVs and computers in the bedroom as they can really disturb sleep, even digital alarm clocks can give off blue light which disturbs, so low tech is best in the bedroom!

A few other good tips are to declutter and clear the space in your bedroom and add plants to give a sense of calm and clean the air too. All of these things make sense for property styling, even if you’re just doing it to sell. Whether or not your buyers realise it, by creating a peaceful place where they would sleep well, you will also give them that illusive “feeling” which is often the difference between a sale or a rejection.