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How we approach property styling

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Nordica Home Styling are experts in homestyling properties for sale or rental in the Marbella and Nueva Andalucia area. You can see some of our great homestyling projects on our new design portfolio page, but for this post we wanted to explain how we approach a property styling project and give you an example of a new project which we are just starting now.

When we are asked to style a property, we first visit the property to check its condition, the rooms that require work, any strengths or weaknesses it has and the price it is on the market for. The key to successful homestyling is to look for the easy wins and highlight the best bits of a property while distracting from the negatives.

The first step is the decluttering, removing the huge quantity of stuff which many properties have and which makes it feel smaller, darker and doesn’t let the potential buyer connect with the place. At this stage, we remove any oversized furniture or outdated pieces which let the place down, and we make a list of furniture required from our store.

The next step is deep cleaning to make the place sparkle.

Once it’s clean and clear we start to bring in lovely pieces of furniture, soft furnishings and accessories which will add style, comfort and beauty quickly and easily. Our secret weapons are small pieces of furniture which give a sensation of space, headboards and bed spreads which spruce up tired bedrooms, and rugs, cushions and candles which soften, add texture and a sense of homeliness.

We are just about to start styling a three-bedroom apartment in a great location in Nueva Andalucia. It has been on the market for four months but isn’t attracting the amount of buyers that it should because it is not presented well. This property has old-fashioned furniture and isn’t fully furnished, so it feels cold and empty. Buyers aren’t connecting with it and getting the “feeling” which makes people put their hand in their pocket and make an offer.

To improve the property we will be removing the old-fashioned furniture and replacing it with cool, modern furniture and soft furnishings. Our colour palette will be cool and neutral featuring earth tones, shades of grey and touches of blue and turquoise to add brightness and interest. Space and light isn’t an issue here, so our main objective is to add warmth, make it feel inviting and cozy and like a home.

The large lounge is a great feature, connecting with the kitchen and then leading to the terrace, so this will be our main focus for the styling so it really has the wow factor when people walk in. We also want to show off the spacious and sunny rooftop by furnishing it outside and letting buyers imagine sipping a cool drink and soaking up the sun.

The project should take a week and when we’re finished it will be so much more desirable. We will take pictures of the finished product and pass it over to our sales team and expect the buyers to flock in, as it’s a great property in an excellent area.

You can find out more about the property on our website and we’ll update you soon on the finished project and how buyers are responding.