What interior design trends will you be embracing in 2018

What interior design trends will you be embracing in 2018?

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Last month we looked at the 2018 interior design trends, which we expected to be a big hit this year. Which was your favourite? It is easy to make predictions, but until people actually get out there and start buying it’s difficult to be sure.

Or at least it has been, but now we’re lucky enough to have data from the social media networks, which show us what people are loving. Pinterest were kind enough to review their user’s boards and tell us what 10 home trends were appealing most to people. This is useful to us, as people will often use Pinterest in the planning stage in the way they once used mood boards, and this can then show us what kinds of interiors people are lusting after.

Knowing what they love enables us to create interiors in our clients’ properties which we know will appeal to buyers most this year, so that when potential buyers view a property online, or come for a viewing, your interiors will tick their boxes and hopefully prompt that sale! Now don’t be alarmed, we’re not saying you have to implement all these changes in order to sell your property, we know you don’t want to invest too much, but even small changes can make a huge difference to buyer response and don’t need to cost a fortune.

We’ve gone through the list of home trends and selected the ones that we think are the easiest to apply and the most impactful for buyers. If you have any questions on how they would work for your property, please don’t hesitate to contact our property styling experts and we can come and view your property and give you our opinion.

  1. Spa-Inspired Bathrooms – Bathrooms are one of the most important rooms in the house and an area which can easily let a property down. The key with this one is to add little details which make the area feel relaxing and welcoming, rather than cold. Don’t think you need to add an expensive shower or Jacuzzi bath, it can work equally well to add wooden mats, cozy candles and plush towels, plus lovely handwash and cream to give a feeling of pampering. We’d advise lighting the candles during a viewing to add lovely aromas and extra light to the room, as bathrooms can be dark and smell damp, especially if you’re not using the property regularly.
  2. Mixed Metals – There’s a big trend for silver, gold and bronze and mixing them to create a really interesting look. This is an easy one to add in with a few well chosen and carefully arranged accessories, such as dishes and vases or the handles of cupboards or units. They may be small things, but they definitely modernise and add interest to a space, so are worth a try.
  3. Sage Accents – The colour sage (a soft green) is being called the “new neutral” for this year and can be easily added into a property with paint, accessories, or soft furnishings. It works well to liven up a boring bedroom, or soften a harsh living area and you don’t need to do the whole room, a feature area around a fire place works well, people are also using it for the bottom of the wall, leaving the top of the wall and ceiling white, which looks really cool.
  4. Patterned Plants – We always include flowers and plants into our interiors, it is a great way to bring the outside in, add life and colour easily and quickly, so we were delighted to see this trend in the list. There are some stunning plants with patterned leaves which add both colour and interest naturally and can brighten up a dull, empty corner quick as a flash.
  5. Oversized Art – Want to brighten up a room but don’t want to repaint? Adding art is a great way to do it! It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece, but this year bigger is definitely better, so bring out those prints or posters from the garage and hang them with pride. If you don’t have any suitable pieces, ask your friends if any of them paint or could lend you a few pieces during a viewing, or invest in something you love – you can always take it with you to your next property!

What do you think of these trends? Can you imagine any of them working in your property? The key to embracing property trends is not to get carried away and throw the baby out with the bathwater. If there’s a room, or area that is letting you down, then use these trends as an inspiration, but it needs to fit with the rest of your property too, so use with care.

If you need help to add a new lease of life to your property to boost your chance of a sale, we know what buyers are looking for in a Costa del Sol property and can help you achieve it. Then we hand it over to our talented real estate team and let them sell, sell, sell. This is the perfect combination for getting you a quick sale at the best price, so let us help you sell your property in 2018. Contact us and call us in for a consultation.