Property Styling – Style Sells, let us show you how!

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In 2015 we incorporated a Property Styling department into our established Real Estate agency and the results have been amazing!

As property styling experts and real estate agents, we know what buyers really want, and this leads our makeovers. We turn dark, dull or unloved properties, which aren’t even attracting viewings, into bright, warm and inviting homes which sell really quickly. There’s no doubt that style really does sell!

Some sellers are sceptical that home styling can have such good results, but really it’s all about vision. Unfortunately, the majority of buyers do have it and can’t see the potential in properties. They are influenced by their emotions and the feelings they get when they walk in the door. Even if logically they can see how the property could work for them, their heart says no and they don’t make an offer. Of course, as real estate agents the Nordica Sales and Rentals team tries to show the good in all properties and during viewings we explain the potential and discuss what they could do to improve the property or add value. However, most people can’t get past the first impression.

We’ve seen someone refuse a property because it had a strongly coloured wall that they didn’t like. Of course that’s the easiest thing to change, but this caused a block and the buyer turned down a very strong house. If you feel that your décor is getting in the way of a sale, let our property styling experts take a look.

Just by decluttering, rearranging and making some minor changes to paintwork, furniture and accessories we can totally transform a property. We know how to give buyers the “feeling” and that’s to create a space where they can imagine themselves living. May and her team work really hard to bring about these transformations and so we’ve decided to showcase them in a short video. Watch it here…

We’ve also created a gallery of some of our favourite property styling challenges, where you can see just how much we’ve achieved. Check out our design portfolio

If you’re impressed by our transformations and would like to see what we can do for you, please call us in for a consultation. We can visit your property and give you our expert opinion on what can be done to improve it and what we think will be the key selling points. If you’re happy with the suggestion we can come in and make the changes and then hand it over to our real estate experts to get it sold. Contact us to find out more and arrange a consultation.