Selling your property in the summer

Selling your property in the summer

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Last month we gave you some tips for keeping your property cool in the summer and with this heat wave raging, we wanted to expand on that post. This month, we will be focusing in more detail about selling your property in the summer, as there’s no doubt that it is a tricky time of the year here in the Costa del Sol.

As well as the issue of keeping the property cool, you have to contend with the fact that in August, many companies shut down completely or have a lot of staff on holiday, and so getting things done can be tough. So, the first thing you need to check is that your real estate agent is working fully during the summer. Unlike many agents, Nordica Sales and Rentals expand their opening times in summer, opening seven days a week, so you can be sure of the best support.

Make sure that your agent is getting the tourists who have fallen in love with the area and want to buy. This could be through marketing, or a great location with high footfall, or a rental business which is driving traffic. Nordica has a prime Centro Plaza location, as well as our main office, plus we do holiday rentals as well as sales and welcome thousands of people over the summer who could become potential buyers!

When you have the right agents on your side, ask them for advice on viewings and what time is best to show your property. Timing your viewings right to show your view off the best effect and make sure the property is not too hot, or too dark, is an important consideration. Even a property which has been professionally styled won’t be appreciated when the bright light is shining in and it’s too hot to stay and enjoy for any length of time.

Another thing to consider in a Spanish summer, is that the drains can be smelly in the heat, so make sure that the property is very clean, taps are run and the toilets flushed regularly and the property aired to avoid smells. Use air fresheners in the bathrooms and scented candles to add some nice fragrance too.

The outside area is key for these summer viewings as people want to imagine themselves with a cool drink in their hand, soaking up the sun and enjoying the lovely weather. Dress the area as if you’re about to go out there and top up your tan and have it looking perfect and really inviting, it makes a real difference in how they feel about a property. Check out our tips for styling your outside space here

Think about the welcoming touches to make a great first impression. In preparation for a viewing, put the air-conditioning on an hour before and perhaps leave out some chilled water in an ice bucket so they can have a drink when they arrive, or some cool watermelon in the fridge with a note to say enjoy. Little touches like this cost very little, but they make a great impression.

Finally, ensure your agent is well informed about the summer features of both the property and the development. Common questions are about the pool and garden, parking, your outside space and where you can find the shade or sun traps, the year round occupancy and also the rental potential. All of these things can be hard to appreciate when you’re visiting at peak season and so make sure that your agent can answer all the questions and put their mind at rest.

If you need any help with selling your property in the summer, trust Nordica Sales and Rentals, the Nueva Andalucia property specialists.