Spring into improving your property

Spring into improving your property

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After a very unusual long spell of wet weather here on the Costa del Sol, it’s so great to see the signs of spring here at last. Spring is a traditional time for cleaning and improving your property, so now the rain has eased we’re feeling inspired to throw open those windows and get spring cleaning.

If you’re feeling the same way, here are some tips for improving your property, using the principals of homestyling.

  1. Declutter – The first step to sprucing up your property this spring is to declutter. Your property won’t sell if it’s bursting at the seams with personal items and it’s so much harder to clean when your shelves and surfaces are full of stuff. Be brutal and put unnecessary stuff away in cupboards, in storage, or donate to a local charity. Your aim is to create space and a blank canvass that buyers can imagine themselves living in.
  2. Clean – Once you can actually see those surfaces it’s a time for a really deep clean to make everything sparkle. It is a lot of work, so consider bringing in some professional cleaners if you can’t spare the time.
  3. Think about your spaces – We see so many properties where the owners aren’t making full use of their space and this can put buyers off. Walk round your property with a friend that you can trust and try to see what spaces aren’t working. Perhaps your kids’ old room is now acting as storage, but with a clean-up could be shown to be an ideal spare room or office. Perhaps a small room is being dominated by big pieces of furniture and just by changing things around it will have a much better sense of space. Be creative and think about other people, not just your own situation, so it can work for your potential buyers.
  4. Update – Now that your property is free of clutter and clean, go around and look at it objectively and see if there are any areas that are letting you down. Is paintwork chipped or discoloured, is furniture in poor condition or dated? A coat of paint can make a huge difference, so this is a good place to start. You don’t always need to buy new furniture, sometimes a nice tablecloth on an old table, or a throw on a grubby sofa can give the place enough of a lift.
  5. Add style and colour – There are some fabulous tips for making your house beautiful in Elle Décor. Great ideas include adding a bright rug to cheer up a room, painting the ceiling a strong colour, adding a patterned headboard to bedrooms and painting old kitchen cabinets to give them a new lease of life. They also recommend looking at your curtains and considering replacing them. Older properties on the Costa del Sol tend to have very big and highly patterned curtains which take up valuable space and really dates a room. Replacing them with a stylish, simple curtain rail and a nice fabric can make a massive difference.

We hope you’ve found this useful and you’re inspired to make improvements to your Costa del Sol property this spring. These may be small things, but trust us they can make a big impression on potential buyers. Here are some more tips on spring cleaning.

If this all seems like too much work, we can help provide a fabulous first impression with our property styling service. Anyone struggling to sell their property on the Costa del Sol can call in our professional homestyling experts and let us do the hard work. We know what buyers want, can style it to tick all their boxes and then our real estate specialists can help you sell it!