Spruce up your outside spaces for summer

Spruce up your outside spaces for summer

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June is here and the Costa del Sol has moved into full on summer mode, with bright sunshine, blue skies and the calendar bursting with events and festivals. When the weather is so great you want to be outside and this makes your outside space a big selling point of any Marbella property.

Whether you have a terrace, a courtyard garden or a big outside area, there are things you can do to show it off to its best. It’s all about the experience that you have outside, so make it comfortable, inviting and pretty, framing the views and enhancing the best features, while distracting from the weaker areas.

Here are some easy things you can do to maximise the selling power of your outside space this summer –

  1. Invest in some stylish outdoor furniture – Your outdoor furniture should echo your style inside and so don’t let your property down with cheap plastic tables and chairs. You don’t have to spend a fortune and you can even pick up some nice stuff second hand, the important thing is that it looks classy, feels comfortable and is in keeping with the setting and the rest of your property.
  2. Decorate the space – Think about things that bring colour, texture and interest to your outside spaces. Decorative lamps or tea light holders are always nice, and pretty cushions and throws make the area more comfortable and welcome. Inject life and colour with plants, palms and flowers in colourful pots, or keep it neutral and in keeping with the area with terracotta.
  3. Think about lighting – You want the space to work day and night, especially when those balmy summer nights roll round, so make sure you have enough light. Candles and hanging lanterns are stunning, but may not give you the level of light you need. Fairy lights are magical and supplement candles well – just make sure you use ones which are suitable for outdoor use.
  4. Frame your view – If you have a great view in one direction, but perhaps not in another, make sure all your furniture points towards this asset and use plants and accessories to mask areas you’d rather people didn’t see. It’s not about hiding the bad areas, rather accentuating the good.
  5. Don’t forget the shade – The sun here is amazing, but you do need to have a place to escape, so create some shade with plants, or get a decorative umbrella for the table, this is an easy and low cost way to bring some shade and design into your outdoor space.
  6. Set the scene – If you’re selling your property and have a viewing in the summer months, make sure you stage your outside area so that sellers can imagine the amazing experience they’d have there. A bottle of wine or cava in an ice bucket and a few glasses on the table, or a towel over a sun lounger makes the space more personal and gives it life. This really makes a good impression!

We hope these tips will help your outside space to shine this summer. Our property styling experts can help you to transform your interior and exterior spaces without you lifting a finger. So if you feel that your property’s style is letting you down and scaring away the buyers please give us a call. As we always say – Style Sells, let us show you how!!