Styling to sold in just six weeks

Styling to sold in just six weeks

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We are delighted to share one of our successful projects with you today, to show you how style really does sell. We were asked to sell a property in the popular Los Naranjos de Marbella development, which should have sold easily, but wasn’t attracting any viewings, let alone offers. When you see a south facing, 3 bed apartment in a nice development not selling, you know something is wrong and when we saw the layout and decoration, it was quickly clear that it needed serious work.

The first thing people look at, and one of the most valuable spaces in the house, is the living room and kitchen. This social space is vital, as it’s really the heart of the home, but in this case the size and layout just wasn’t working. So we took down the hall wall, to give more space to the kitchen and living room and make it a more generous space for dining and entertaining. Although hallways aren’t big, the extra space really transformed the room and improved the flow of the property in this area.

Now that we had the space improved, we turned our attention to the tired looking kitchen. This was giving the impression that the property was old, so we invested time and effort into many different elements. We retiled the kitchen floor to make it look more modern, clean and fresh. We added a new worktop in a contrasting colour to the cabinets and updated the cupboards by adding new handles.

To get more space and light into this space, we changed the corner wall, which divided the kitchen and dining area, from a normal wall to a glass wall, with striking black frames. This has done an amazing job of connecting the two rooms and making a really interesting feature from a problem.

A coat of paint was added to the wardrobes and internal doors to make it look fresh and clean and blend them in with the rest of the apartment. We then added some really funky wallpaper in the kitchen and bathrooms, which draws the eye, adds colour and interest.

In the dated bathrooms, we replaced the shower screens, toilets and washbasins with more modern designs. We love the wallpaper in the bathroom! The bold design of leaves, flowers and parrots is not for the faint hearted, but applied to one accent wall it really brightens up the room and connects it with the rest of the apartment and the lovely gardens outside. We also polished the marble floors throughout, which increased the reflection of light around the apartment, and made it look really modern and clean.

The final issue we needed to solve was the lack of outside space. The property has a 26m2 terrace, but the layout was making it hard to seat enough people to make it feel like a proper entertaining space. So, we created a bench seat, into the wide terrace wall and put some simple, yet modern outdoor furniture in front of it. This means you can seat another four people, without losing too much width. Adding soft furnishings, such as cushions which matched the colour of the table and chairs really tied the look together.

Thanks to these significant changes, the property started to attract viewings immediately and sold in just 6 weeks.

It’s amazing what a homestyling can achieve in such a short space of time,  so if you’re struggling to sell, call in our Marbella property styling team and let us show you what we can do for you too.

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