Top Tips for a cosy Christmas home

Top Tips for a cosy Christmas home

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The countdown to Christmas has well and truly started, but if you’re on the Costa del Sol like we are it can be a bit hard to get in the mood. Seeing the sunny skies, sparkling sea and lovely beaches is a real treat, but it doesn’t scream Christmas, so this means you need to make an extra special effort at home! Here are our tips for turning your beautiful Costa del Sol property into a festive grotto, whether it’s for you and your family, or you’re renting it out for the holiday season.

Deck the halls! – Decorate your property to make it feel all festive. You can go all out with the full tree, tinsel and lots of fun things your kids will like, such as the snowman trees which are really popular this year. Alternatively, you can stay more chic and paired back with sprayed branches decorated with lights, natural wreaths and staircases wound with evergreen foliage. With the predominantly white properties on the Costa del Sol, using white and silver decorations paired with natural green and splashes of colour such as holly berries works very well. For some Christmas decoration inspiration, check out these Christmas décor trends

If you are renting out your property over Christmas make sure that someone will be able to decorate it before your guests arrive. As you aren’t decorating it for yourself, it is better to be paired down to suit all tastes, but perhaps you can leave some spare decorations in case they like more festive cheer. Also think about some touches to allow them to personalise it too. If your guests have kids, leave them some DIY decorations that they can make, or some cookie cutters so they can make their own festive treats. It can be strange for kids to be away from home for Christmas, so if you can make them feel welcome, the whole family will love you for it!

Create a grotto – It can be a bit much to have Christmas decorations throughout the house, but if you love the festive feeling and especially if you have kids, then why not choose a small and cosy room of the house where you can really go all out. A kids’ playroom, room, or snug TV room can be the perfect place to turn into a grotto full of lights, decorations and festive cheer without cluttering up the whole house or ruining your cool interior themes.

Channel the Nordic spirit of Hygge – Those of us from Scandinavia have to survive long, hard winters and so the concept of “hygge” or being cosy and together with friends and family is central to our décor and social time over the colder months. Bring this trend into your home with warm soft blankets and comfy cushions to make your sofa really inviting, textured and luxurious rugs and plenty of scented candles. Experience it yourself by sitting in front of your fire sipping mulled wine and hot chocolate steaming in mugs and wearing fluffy slippers or socks. If you want your guests to feel this way then leave them some slippers or robes, put out everything they need for delicious warming drinks and make sure you have plenty of wood for the fire if you have one. These little touches will ensure very happy guests!

Keep the house warm – It may sound strange to those of you living outside the Costa del Sol and looking enviously at our very warm year round temperatures, but our properties can feel cold in the winter. This is because they are designed for the summer heat and often don’t have the same heating systems as in colder countries. Make sure that you’re prepared for cooler days and nights and spending more time inside over Christmas (for you or your rental guests). If you don’t have heating, oil filled radiators are great to warm up bedrooms before heading into bed, having throws over the sofas encourages everyone to cosy up and if you’re lucky enough to have an open fire, get it burning. A warm house is a welcoming house and one you (or your rental guests) will love to spend Christmas in.

If you have guests staying in your property and haven’t thought about the decorations, call us in and we can style the property to make it the perfect Christmas home from home. Contact us before it’s too late!