Why property styling sells properties

Why property styling sells properties

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Property styling can help you differentiate your property from the others on the market and attract buyers more quickly. It acknowledges that the average buyer doesn’t have much imagination, and can’t see the potential in a property, so you need to give them a great first impression. Your aim as a seller is to tug at the heart strings and capture their interest right away, so that any negatives your property may have will not be as much of a sticking point and buyers will make an offer quickly and without too much negotiation.

If you are struggling to get the buyers through the door, or not getting the offers you should, then home styling could help. We have seen that two identical properties, one styled and one not, have had a very different response from buyers. The one that was styled sold much quicker and at a higher price than the one that was not, so it really does work!

Home styling is the process of presenting or dressing a property to appeal to the most buyers and to take advantage of available space, then you need to declutter and depersonalising the property so that anyone can imagine themselves living there. You don’t want to overhaul everything, or spend on things that will not get a return, so look for the easy wins. For example, if you have any overly large furniture and space is at a premium, remove it to create more room. Then smarten up paintwork and remaining furniture to give the place new life with minimal investment. After this, you need to really deep clean the place until it sparkles and looks and smells great.

Once you have a blank canvas you can start to add things in to make it feel modern and stylish rather than stark. It’s amazing what some nice new cushions, bed spreads and rugs can do, these little touches really bring a sense of warmth and style into a property. Also fresh flowers, fruit, scented candles and art can create a feeling of the aspirational lifestyle buyers could enjoy in the property.

It can be really tough to style your own property, as you are too close to all the objects and because the property is laid out in a way that works for you, so it’s hard to be objective. Professional property stylers such as the experts at Nordica Home Styling not only have the interior design skills, but also the contacts to source the best items. Plus, because they are outsiders they can declutter and rearrange in a way that you can’t. Nordica are real estate agents and rental specialists as well, so they can style a property to sell, knowing  buyers’ tastes and preferences and styling properties accordingly. We also offer free stylings for vendors listing their property with us exclusively, to give them the best chance of a sale. To find out more about the home styling service we offer please visit http://www.marbellapropertystyling.com/. To sell your property through Nordica visit http://www.nordicasalesandrentalsmarbella.com/